10 Easy Steps to Building Your Dream Home With Us

1.  Consultation

A Leading Edge Builders representative will meet with you personally to discuss what you envision your new dream home to be and what features are most important to you.

2.  Select and Customize Your Architectural Plans

At this stage you may select one of our well-appointed floor plans or we can fully customize a house plan for you. Click to view our floor plans.

3.  Determine the Cost of Your Home

Leading Edge Builders will provide a complete No-Obligation price and detailed specification proposal. We have a standard custom home features package that stands above the rest. You still have options to upgrades along the way to build the perfect home to fit your needs and budget. Design services by a Leading Edge Builders representative are provided to help you make your project truly custom. All of our homes come with a Home Buyer Advantage 10 Year limited Warranty and the option of a Homeprofile®.

4.  Complete the Sales Agreement

This will further outline all conditions, commitments and obligations. You will easily review the paperwork and indicate your acceptance and approval of the terms by signing and returning the agreement.

5.  Financing

Financing is just as customizable as your new home! There are a plethora of financing options available including conventional, no PMI options, FHA, VA and even Green Mortgages. You may even finance your land, including your home, into one Construction loan. Leading Edge Builders will help you through the financing process.

6.  Design Selections

Specifications were already determined in Stages 1 & 2 but, this is an opportunity to further personalize your home by choosing all available colors and/or patterns related to selected material. You can make changes and add/or delete options on your Buyers Selection Form.

7.  Pre-Construction/Foundation Walk Through

Here you will meet your Construction Superintendent on site and review all details related to your new home. Home placement/orientation will be confirmed and future window and door views will be demonstrated. This walk is your final opportunity to move the location of the home before construction begins.

8.  Construction Begins!

Leading Edge Builders strives to make the building process as easy and stress free as possible. Therefore, your Construction Superintendent will keep you informed throughout the construction process and will always be available to answer any questions that may arise. We have created a system of walks which helps to build your home efficiently and with the utmost quality. By having a series of walks, we are able to resolve any issues and make changes with the least amount of cost.

You and your Construction Superintendent will walk through the property prior to the installation of the insulation and drywall. Here you will confirm the proper placement of all electrical, plumbing and low voltage rough-in fixtures.

Your Construction Superintendent will walk through your home in order to ensure quality of workmanship. An “items to be completed” list will be generated and completed prior to your Orientation Walk Thru.

Now that we are nearing completion, you and your Construction Superintendent will walk through your new home 2-3 weeks prior to final completion. The superintendent will explain the functions and controls of the home as well as suggested maintenance practices to help your home remain in proper condition. During this walk, the Superintendent will also generate a “Fit and Finish List”.

Prior to closing, you and your Construction Superintendent will once again walk through the home to ensure that all of the items listed on the “Fit and Finish List” have been completed to Leading Edge Builders high quality standards.

9.  Final Completion

Close and begin moving into your New Custom Home.

10.  Leading Edge Builders Warranty & Service Program Begins!

You can rest assured knowing that, effective the day of closing, you have strong warranty protection including, One-Year Workmanship, Two Year Systems Defect*, Five Year Roof and Ten Year Major Structural Defect Coverage* PLUS multiple product manufacturer warranties.

Leading Edge Builders provides industry-leading warranty coverage and advanced customer service.

  • One-Year Workmanship (1)
  • Two Year Systems Defect (2)*
  • Two Year Roof Warranty (3)
  • Ten Year Structural Limited Warranty (4)*

1. For one year from the Effective Date of Warranty, Leading Edge Builders, LLC warrants that your home will be free from Defects in materials and workmanship as defined in the Construction Performance Guidelines.

2. For two years from the Effective Date of Warranty, Leading Edge Builders, LLC warrants that your home will be free from Defects in the electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems to the extent stated in the Construction Performance Guidelines.

3. For two years from the Effective Date of Warranty, Collis Roofing, Inc. will warranty their Installation and Workmanship. (Roofing contactor subject to change without notice.)

4. For ten years from the Effective Date of Warranty, Leading Edge Builders, LLC warrants your home against a Structural Defect as defined in Section I of the 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Booklet.